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Sustainability at Dilmah

The Dilmah brand has a unique foundation in social and environmental sustainability connected with the founder’s  wish to make Dilmah a business that serves humanity. That philosophy is based on family values and was conceived at a time that neither were a priority or in any way connected to the responsibility of business. The outcome of Dilmah’s purpose beyond profit has been formidable. It is manifest in an effort since 2000 to make our processes and materials as sustainable as possible, with continuous upgrade of plant and machinery to ensure quality and efficiency, while also participating in the wider social and environmental priorities that are a part of our purpose. Beyond our own sustainability driven interventions, we have actively worked to magnify the impact of these actions through advocacy for social and environmental good, via Biodiversity Sri Lanka – a collaboration with over 80 businesses – and through our leadership of UN Global Compact Network Sri Lanka.
These highlights are compiled in our Sustainability, Supply Chain, Foundation, Conservation and related units to share a brief overview of projects that are currently ongoing or completed. It is accurate to June 2021 although I am happy to say that given the number of additional projects that are in planning and implementation stages, will require a further update in the next quarter, particularly connected with the “Stronger Together” social and environmental intervention that the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation are making in the Sri Lankan tea plantation sector.